10 August 2008

Wireless Connection Disappeared

A very strange thing happened to me today, my wireless connection suddenly disappeared. I do mean that my laptop didn't recognized wireless hardware and not a problem with the SSID or anything else. It didn't even show up at the Device Manager.
I've been using wireless connection for networking from the first day I bought my HP laptop, its using broadcom adapter.

I browsed the internet to find the solutions, some people suggest the HP laptops have malfunction on the hardware, try to update the driver, and some suggest to update the BIOS and set the wireless option in the BIOS to be enabled.
The problem is the BIOS don't have any wireless option - I even updated the BIOS to the newest version - and I did update the driver, still no luck...

Under the frustration, I uninstalled the wireless driver and the HP wireless assistant, then turned off the laptop, I unplugged the battery, left it for about a minute, plug it again. Next I pushed the power button for about 30 seconds - they say this will reset the BIOS - the laptop turned on and off again because I held the power button.

The Vista came up and what do you know, the wireless back alive again yippeeee...
I have no clue what happened, still looking what caused the problem, but I do know that most problem like this happen to the HP or Compaq laptops.

I really don't know which step I took solved the problem, but I hope this is helpful for you. Any clearance about this problem will be very much appreciated.