18 August 2008

Managing Cables in Racks

You typically find bulks of cables like the left picture shows in a project. It's not strange to have a project with 2000 clients to be connected in a network.

To arrange cables like these is a nightmare for network installers if you don't provide yourselves with cable managers.

Usually the cable managers also provided by the racks vendors. You can ask them if they have it, or use cable managers from other vendors if you don't like the way it looks.

Different cable managers have different ways to manage cables, so it's better to consult the vendors on how to install the cables according their products.

I need to remind you that some cable managers make the look of your racks neater but if you don't install them accordingly, they will make your future improvement harder. What I mean is that you have to design also how the cables run inside your rack should be. You don't want the outer look of your rack looks neat while you have spaghetti cables inside.

This is how one of the cable manager from ADC Krone looks like

And me and my team manage to make the upper picture look like this

Well it looks better then the last picture at least.
Like I said vendors develop their own cable managers, another example is from Systimax down here

The vendors  even develop many cable managers for desktop computers/end users. You can find many of them out there, so, start browse for cable managers to manage your cabling, don't let the cables to be an eyesore.