25 July 2008

Introducing Networking Newbie

Hi there,

This is my first time to write to a blog. Haven't had enough time to write in the previous time due to all the works I had. But now, I am a business owner (well, currently a small business that is) which should give me enough time to share in this blog.

Well, enough said about myself, next step I will regularly write some experiences, articles or how-to on computer networking and internet.

Why Networking newbie you ask? I know the feeling some of you out there willing to learn new things but OMG, we don't even understand a single word experts are saying. So, I want to make this blog as easy as it can get.

So, thats basically telling that I am a newbie too? well, not exactly, i might be not a super expert but I do know a bit things.

I recently got my CCNA, oooh, what a nice card the guys from Cisco sent me, they even allowed me to use the CCNA logo.

Oh, I'm also in to something called SEO, you all probably have heard something about this before. A great thing I'm telling you.

One last thing I want to tell you, I previously hated networking, marketing and in some cases even blogging, honestly I never had a good mark on any of them. Now look at me blogging about all these darn things, I even make a living from them. What I want to say is that things haunted us in the past might coming back to us again, and one way or another we have to accept those things.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog and if you ever feel down on something, don't give up, if you do, you might not be succeed in anything.