22 August 2008

My Home Network

I know, before you say anything, my home network has very "common" network devices and they're all messed up.
I'm all talking about this and that about networking and this is what I have in my home? yes,  I don't have a lot to spend on my network, time and money, but I'm telling you it's a great pleasure to connect all these things together and see them working.

The device that I'm most proud of is that Cisco Access Point 1242AG. This baby rocks, if only I have more than one of this thing, I can have a roaming connection all over my house. And not like any average AP, I can adjust the strength of the signal and many other parameters.

This is how the diagram for my home network looks like:
I'm using internet cable for my connection, you can see the cable modem there connected to the router. From the router I connect my Access Point and the switch to connect other devices.
The switch used to connect 3 workstations on the first floor for my office, and 2 other workstations for the family.
The Access Point connects my laptop and my lovely Sony PSP. Oh I love my PSP, with the AP I can connect to the internet and get my news feeds and update of the newest games.

After saving for some time I finally get to upgrade my network devices, I'm looking for some Cisco devices to help me on my CCNP exam studying later.
No, they're not expensive, if you buy the used ones, you can get pretty cheap price in ebay.com or other places. I've set my eyes on some of the devices, I already ordered some items and now waiting for the shipments to arrive, yayy.

I think I need the Cisco devices so I can do anything I like with them, do some crazy configurations and all. I've been working using Cisco for quite some time but I can't do anything I like in a production network (the term that is used to call a network that's already established and is serving an organization).

And I certainly hope that I can share my knowledge to help people get their CCNA title, cheers.